Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Musings from Philly International Airport

So we don't get free internet at Philly International anymore, which means that I'm most likely posting this message in the evening after my marathon flight. But I haven't yet flown to that future now, so I'll treat you to punchy, pre-travel musings.

Musing 1: It friggin sucks that Philly International is making you pay for wireless now! What a bunch of jerks.

Musing 2: It was incredibly difficult to leave my mom. We were supposed to stay overnight at a hotel prior to the flight, but we never made it, and that was the better decision considering how many pickup things I still had to do. I finished up around 3am, with the exception of packing my medical records, which are still sitting on the recliner at home...doh! That and a brush, also still at home. I'm gonna have nappy hair tomorrow--unless the Chicago airport has brushes (which it didn't, says Vash from the future), Philly International appears to be out. Or maybe it's more that I asked at one place, and then found a chair with an electrical outlet, spread out, and now here I stay with my tea and cold bagel. Which leads directly to...

Musing 3: Exhaustion combined with nervousness and excitement = temporary ADD. Like look at this post. We moved from the pain of leaving my mother who is also my best and oldest friend. To clarify: Steph being my best and oldest friend with whom I don't technically share blood, (unless you count that vampire pact, which we don't. We don't talk about the Vampire Pact. That is the first rule of the Vampire pact, goshdarnit!) I know my mom is going to be okay. She's even mastering the Terminator walk in regards to Oddball's medication (he runs, but always to the same place where he gives up and takes the pill—gonna miss that cat). But for me, it wasn't like the situation was real until I actually left. Maybe a part of that was the fact I was washing dishes and scooping litterpans at 2:30 in the morning, not unusual for me, but the physical act of hugging my mother goodbye, throwing my keys through the mail slot while the cabbie waited to toss my luggage into the trunk made it really a true thing.

Musing 5: I ran into an acquaintance I met at Don's party who recognized me, came over and talked. We had a lovely conversation. She's on her way to Puerto Rico with something like 18 highschoolers. I'm an idiot for not remembering her name, but I think that's the two days of under 4 hours of sleep followed by last night's total of 20 minutes sleep making it impossible for me to retain any actual information.
And my plane is boarding. So much for Musing 6: On Philly movie posters in the airport. And it promised to be such a great musing!

Photos to be uploaded to Photobucket. I'll post a link in the blog.