Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting Ready for Japan

Good News: I'm in a Leopalace, which means I'll have internet (most likely) in my apartment, as well as a washer and full bathroom dryer, toaster, and other appliances. The apartment is beyond tiny, but that should persuade me not to get too much stuff. I'm very excited!

Youtube video tour of a Leopalace apartment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wPGMYdTcx8

The packing process has been a huge challenge though. I started out with one giant suitcase, a giant camping backpack, all overflowing with stuff. After an intense conversation with Steph and my mom about the fact that my packing strategy was INSANE, I decided to repack.

I unpacked all of my luggage and tossed it in a pile of rolled up sausage garments, then started the process of picking seven outfits for my trip. I've got it down to one checked bag (the backpack now packed inside the large suitcase). Still, I still haven't fully made the grade. It's 3am and I"m at 55 pounds on my checked bag. At least I think it's 55lb, getting the suitcase on the scale is a bit of a challenge. I may let it ride and pay the $50 bucks for the extra weight. My carry on is about six pounds over the weight limit also, but I'm hoping they don't check it. I"m tempted to pack some of my extra luggage in the backpack and save the money, but I'll probably suck it up for ease of carrying. There's also the possibility of taking a small knapsack and filling it with the extra 10lbs extra, as I'm allowed to have two checked bags. Gonna sleep on it.

I still have a zillion things to do tomorrow. I wish I'd done my taxes last week. Totally kept slipping my mind. But as I'm po', the gov't owes me so I can wait until I get back if push comes to shove. Still, the refund would be happy-making as I try to rebuild my savings as I've been hemorrhaging money the past two weeks.

This isn't the most exciting blog entry, but it's almost 4am so there goes.

Hugs to all :)

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